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Crocheted Baby Elephant

Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is the result of my Facebook stalking endeavours of yesterday. I happen to have “liked” Red Heart Yarns on Facebook, and therefore get periodic posts from them. Yesterday (or maybe the day before?) they had posted this, what they called “Baby’s Elephant“. It’s a free pattern, listed as “easy”, and oh, so cute! When I saw it I thought to myself “it’s so cute, I feel obligated to make it!”

Luckily I have a nephew on the way, and so I didn’t have to search far to find a recipient of this cute little elephant toy.

As I was making it, I thought that it wasn’t too difficult. Which I figured would be the case, considering it’s an “easy” pattern. As I continued, I found it more and more of a challenging pattern. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am left handed….so when they tell you to crochet “through the back loops only” and want the resulting ridges to be on a specific side, us lefties more or less have to do it backwards. In theory not too bad, but I’m not used to only crocheting through the front loops, so it was a slight learning curve. I also found the “finishing” directions to be a slight challenge, but I love the results they add.

I have to say, the head portion looked very strange until the ears were added! 🙂

But I LOVE the result. I think it turned out beautifully, and despite the challenges (or perhaps because of) it was a rewarding experience, and I’d recommend giving it a shot if you’re thinking about it 🙂

Here are some pictures!!








I’m debating whether I should add a small tail, as well, in order to help him sit up by himself (and, of course, because elephants have tails…)