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Baby Cowboy Booties

You may have seen several of my posts have a theme to them–and that is baby! We are getting ready for the arrival of my sister’s first baby, and I’ve been knitting and crocheting up a storm in preparation. Today’s entry is no different. I saw these Baby Cowboy Booties on Pinterest. At first, many of the options were paid. Since I don’t have much money coming in, I of course looked for a free option. It took a while, but with a little patience I found it for free (at the link already provided). I had a little issue understanding certain parts of the pattern, so it took me months after finding the pattern to even begin working on it. It wasn’t until I was browsing Moogly blog *I love Moogly blog!* that I found a full video tutorial of the same cowboy booties I was trying to make. I was so happy, and I knew my sister would be too when I completed making them. (She saw the Pin that I shared on Pinterest, and requested that I make them, if I can).

The pattern was relatively simple, once I got a few things figured out. I miscounted somehow and they aren’t as straight as they should be around the top, but next time I will hopefully do a little better. I used Bernat’s Handicrafter Cotton, and they were larger than I was expecting them to be–but ultimately that doesn’t matter, he’ll grow into them eventually! Now that I know the process, I can always try to make them a little smaller!

Here are some finished product pictures:




I decided to make a star for the sides of it instead, and I think they turned out well. I also just put them on one side each to differentiate between right and left booty (not that it really matters with the pattern.) Can’t wait to see my little nephew crawling/walking around in these!


Knit Squares Baby Blanket

This entry is a little more personal, as it was created with love for my unborn nephew. My sister sent me the link to this pattern, as she was having trouble finding baby blankets she liked. She wanted something simple, without all the animal shapes and specific diagrams that are on most baby blankets nowadays. I happily agreed to knit this blanket for her, and finished it just in time for her baby shower. I didn’t have any “Cotton Twirl” yarn that the pattern calls for, so I improvised and used Bernat’s Baby Coordinates in “iced Mint” which I had bought years before and never had a use for before now. I began working the pattern as it suggests, and once I got past the first row of the pattern row, I came to realize that if I continued as per the pattern, I wasn’t going to end up with a product that looked like the picture. Maybe it was the difference in yarn, maybe it was a typo, but either way I had to improvise yet again. Thankfully, even with my brief experience as a knitter, I was able to figure it out pretty quickly. I will post the changes I made to the pattern later in this post, in case I am not the only one that encountered this issue.

Using the photos generously provided on the pattern website, I was able to construct a product that looked just like it, but had a different way of getting there 🙂 It ended up being smaller than I would have liked, but I could have made it larger without any issue if I had just continued, The measurements in the end were approximately 32″x20″. Not large enough for a crib blanket (as I had planned), but the perfect size for stroller, car seat, or just dragging around the house when he’s big enough 🙂

Here are some photos for you to enjoy:







It turned out lovely, and oh-so-soft! A nice blanket for snuggles. For those who may be interested, here is the pattern as I used it:

Cast On 130 st

For 6 rows, Purl every st

First set of blocks: K5, *K12, P12*, repeat from * until last 5 st, K5

Repeat this row a total of 12 times.

Second set of blocks: K5, *P12, K12*, repeat from * until last 5 st, K5

Repeat this row a total of 12 times.

Continue in this pattern, alternating for a total of 10 block sets.

For 6 rows, purl every st. Cast off.


As you may be able to see (if you checked out the website), I didn’t alter it too much. I just thought that this was slightly simpler, and was a good way to change it for how my sister would appreciate.

Thanks for reading!! (If you’ve made it this far 😉 )

Tea Cosy for Mom

Hi everyone,

It’s been a few months! Sorry about that, folks. This is due to a few simple reasons…. the most important being that lately I’ve only been working on gifts. May, June and July have been busy with events that needed to be celebrated, whether for Mother’s day, birthdays, weddings or baby showers. I didn’t want to blog about the gifts before the recipients had a chance to see it for themselves. I wont post them all in one blog–they’ll be too much. But hopefully over the next few days I will be able to post each one. I am starting today with the Mother’s Day gift I made–a tea cosy.

I began the pattern with the Patons Decor — Cushy Smocked Throw and Tea Cosy in mind (Free registration required to view pattern). I wasn’t planning on making the throw–but I loved the look of the tea cosy. I didn’t have any of Paton’s Decor yarn lying around, so I used some I had already purchased that I thought my mom would love. Unfortunately, it’s not the same weight of yarn as the Decor, so I knit one side and realized there was no way it was going to fit the tea pot! So I improvised, and crocheted a border in a nice yellow Loops & Threads wool (one of my favourites to work with, but I haven’t been able to find it recently). To go with that, since the gift was already very late past Mother’s Day, I simply crocheted a back, the same size as the front that I had made. I then stitched them together, and crocheted a little handle. Instead of being a fitted tea cosy, I made it into one that will (hopefully) fit over the entire pot (the type of tea cosy my mom typically uses, anyway.)

Lessons learned from this experience: Gauge and weight of yarn matters, maybe I should pay attention to it once in a while. And tea cosies are very difficult to make to fit tea pots you can’t physically measure it against. I need to work on that, as they make great gifts.

Ta-Da! Here are some finished product pictures for you: (the picture of it on a teapot is my sister’s teapot, which is a different shape and size than my mom’s so it fits awkwardly. My dad told me the measurements for the correct size, and I tried to work with it, but it was a challenge!)







IMG_0617 A close-up of the knitted portion.


I hope you enjoyed this post! More to follow shortly.

Ankle Socks, Part 1

Hello dear friends and family.

It’s possible I should have waited until BOTH ankle socks were completed to update my blog. I was so excited with the results of the first one, however, that I instead decided to make it a two parter. I used Bernat’s sock yarn, I can’t remember the name of it but the one that is two shades of pink and two shades of green. Instead of using the Bernat sock patterns, I used the Paton’s Kroy Socks pattern (specifically the Jacquard & Stripe Socks pattern–membership required, but free, to view the pattern). Instead of making it calf-length (I really just had one ball of it), I simply did 10 rows of ribbing followed by 10 rows of stockinette to make it an ankle-length sock. I thought this length turned out to be the perfect length.

Here are some pictures so that you can see the overall colour pattern the yarn created, which I love!!

IMG_2425 IMG_2426 IMG_2427


Now some more specific information and pictures. I really love how the heel flap and instep turned out. They’re beauties. Check them out:

IMG_2428 IMG_2429


For some reason, and I’m not really sure why, these two sections of making socks are the most fun to me. I don’t know why these stitches aren’t used in more patterns. They can be really pretty with the right yarn! Now on to the toes:



I was worried from the beginning when the pattern said to “graft” the two sections together. I was like “what? Is that an actual knitting term?” But I found a couple helpful youtube videos and just went with it. The first time I got halfway across and realized (somehow) that my stitches were not the same on each needle (which they really should be…) So I went back, unwove it and picked the stitches back up, not really an easy thing to do at that point. Eventually I picked up the correct stitches, watched another couple videos, and it seems to have worked. Probably not my neatest stitch, but certainly less obvious than any other seam I’ve done! So I’ll call it a success, despite the mild frustration.

I was very pleased with this pattern and the fit of the finished product. The pattern was very easy to read and follow (compared to other sock patterns I have seen), and the measurements from the pattern seem to have been very accurate. My next blog will probably be a continuation of this, to see how knitting sock #2 turns out. Also, to see how well they look together! Stay tuned.

Getting My Blogging Act Together, One Project at a Time

Hello blogging world. I made an attempt to blog years ago, and it never really stuck. This may be because I never really had a subject to blog about! I decided instead of flooding my Facebook page with knitting/crocheting projects, I would instead blog about them.

The first project I am going to blog about is a cute little owl toy I made for the next little baby in the family. I didn’t create this pattern. Instead, I found the pattern here: Obviously (obvious only if you scroll down to the pictures at this point…) I did not use black, as the pattern suggests. Here are all the pieces waiting to be sewn together: IMG_2372


You have your little owl body (instead of batting, I stuffed him with cut up socks who lost their partners in the laundry), two crocheted eyes (I opted for this instead of the felt directions), a beak and two knit wings (as per the pattern). If any visitors have found this blog via a search engine, let me know if you’d like to know how to crochet the eyes or beak. Both are very simple, easy and quick to finish.

The finished product is here!



I love the colours in this yarn. Hopefully the baby will enjoy it!

Next project: I have a lot of ideas for my next project, however I am thinking it will likely be a mini purse/clutch for those fancier outings. Stay tuned!