Knit Squares Baby Blanket

This entry is a little more personal, as it was created with love for my unborn nephew. My sister sent me the link to this pattern, as she was having trouble finding baby blankets she liked. She wanted something simple, without all the animal shapes and specific diagrams that are on most baby blankets nowadays. I happily agreed to knit this blanket for her, and finished it just in time for her baby shower. I didn’t have any “Cotton Twirl” yarn that the pattern calls for, so I improvised and used Bernat’s Baby Coordinates in “iced Mint” which I had bought years before and never had a use for before now. I began working the pattern as it suggests, and once I got past the first row of the pattern row, I came to realize that if I continued as per the pattern, I wasn’t going to end up with a product that looked like the picture. Maybe it was the difference in yarn, maybe it was a typo, but either way I had to improvise yet again. Thankfully, even with my brief experience as a knitter, I was able to figure it out pretty quickly. I will post the changes I made to the pattern later in this post, in case I am not the only one that encountered this issue.

Using the photos generously provided on the pattern website, I was able to construct a product that looked just like it, but had a different way of getting there 🙂 It ended up being smaller than I would have liked, but I could have made it larger without any issue if I had just continued, The measurements in the end were approximately 32″x20″. Not large enough for a crib blanket (as I had planned), but the perfect size for stroller, car seat, or just dragging around the house when he’s big enough 🙂

Here are some photos for you to enjoy:







It turned out lovely, and oh-so-soft! A nice blanket for snuggles. For those who may be interested, here is the pattern as I used it:

Cast On 130 st

For 6 rows, Purl every st

First set of blocks: K5, *K12, P12*, repeat from * until last 5 st, K5

Repeat this row a total of 12 times.

Second set of blocks: K5, *P12, K12*, repeat from * until last 5 st, K5

Repeat this row a total of 12 times.

Continue in this pattern, alternating for a total of 10 block sets.

For 6 rows, purl every st. Cast off.


As you may be able to see (if you checked out the website), I didn’t alter it too much. I just thought that this was slightly simpler, and was a good way to change it for how my sister would appreciate.

Thanks for reading!! (If you’ve made it this far 😉 )


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