Springtime Coasters

Time for another update.

Another piece of work I had been meaning to post is a simple one. I had my cousin’s wedding to attend in June, and needed an idea of what to make for a wedding gift. I settled on coasters–something really simple, but I figured she may appreciate being hand made. I went to Ravelry (which is often the first place I look for patterns), and quickly found the pattern for Springtime Coasters. I didn’t have the exact same yarn that was used, so I improvised and used what scrap yarn I had lying around from other projects. At first, I didn’t think the colours were going to go very well together. When I finished all six of them, they all just kind of came together and I think they work nicely.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:




An issue I had, once they were all crocheted, was that they were not lying flat (which I thought was very important for a coaster…) So I considering trying to starch them to make them flat and stiff, it didn’t seem to work well, so I settled on simply ironing them on low. A simple solution, and easy enough for her to “fix” if they get bent out of shape again 🙂




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