Crocheted slippers




Hey folks!

I wanted something quick to do, so I decided to make some crocheted slippers. I got the pattern from here. It is a very basic slipper pattern that is easily adjusted, either for size or style. The pattern is for size 9 feet, and I adjusted it to fit my size 7 1/2 feet by following the suggested changes. I originally wanted to attach a rose appliqué to the foot for a little more of a finished look. I found a pattern for one, but in the end it was too gigantic for the slipper. Instead, I found a pattern here for how to make a little bow! I thought it was the perfect addition, and it was very simple to make. Here are some pictures of the finished product:






In the end, they turned out really well. I am happy with them and they are the perfect project to whip up quickly for a gift for a friend!

The bow would look cute attached to some barrettes or clips for any special little girls as well.


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