Crocheted flower headband

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is short, as it was a short project. I decided last night I would crochet a headband, but I wanted it to be a quick project to complete (one reason why I chose crochet). I found the pattern on a blog, creativeyarn. It is  a very basic headband that involves lots of “chain” stitches, then the optional rather large flower. I liked the look of the flower, but if you’re looking for simplicity, the pattern works either way. It looks very nice without the flower, as well. Here are some pictures:

IMG_20130506_155629 IMG_20130506_155643 IMG_20130506_155817


As you can see, the flower on my head is rather large. I find this amusing, since I always think of my head as being rather large too 🙂 But I still love it and have been wearing it since I made it (except for when sleeping, of course).

A very simple pattern that could be easily modified to your preferences! It also takes VERY little yarn!


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