Crocheted fish purse

Hey everyone! Today is going to be a relatively short post. I just wanted to show off the results of my recent (and first ever!) Mystery Crochet-a-Long with Moogly! For those new to the game (like I was, only a few days ago), it is a “mystery” because we weren’t entirely sure what we were crocheting until the final day. Moogly posted parts of the pattern each day for 3 days, and we had to wait until we were finished to discover what we were actually making. It was a lot of fun and I for sure hope they do another one soon! 🙂

Here is the Day 1 result:


As you can tell from this image, it really could have been anything at this point!! I was curious and anxious to know what I was making. For those of you who know me, you know I have a hard time waiting for anything!

Day 2’s creation looked like this:


At this point, I was very confused yet intrigued. What could it be? I had thought something to do with a fish at some point, or tea cosy, or purse. I guess a combination of those theories were true.

And the final product!


It turned out really well, and very cute! Moogly provided excellent and easy to follow instructions, resulting in little room for error (which is fantastic when there are no pictures to guide you). If anyone who finds this post is a crocheter, I highly recommend checking out their site for other great patterns!!

Find out details on my Ravelry page.


2 thoughts on “Crocheted fish purse

  1. Hi! I’ve just been reading the latest comments on the mystery project, too, and found your blog from there. I like how your fish turned out! I’ve been kind of surprised how different everyone’s pictures look, but they all are very cute.

    Looks like you and I started our craft blogs about the same time. I like your posts so far–will be dropping by to see more pics now and then. 🙂

    1. Thanks!! I just checked out your blog about the crochet along as well. I love the alterations you made to the pattern! As a side note, I know what you are saying about the dark yarns–I had a difficult time with using the dark blue in mine, and had to keep it pretty close to the light to see what I was doing!

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