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Crocheted slippers




Hey folks!

I wanted something quick to do, so I decided to make some crocheted slippers. I got the pattern from here. It is a very basic slipper pattern that is easily adjusted, either for size or style. The pattern is for size 9 feet, and I adjusted it to fit my size 7 1/2 feet by following the suggested changes. I originally wanted to attach a rose appliqué to the foot for a little more of a finished look. I found a pattern for one, but in the end it was too gigantic for the slipper. Instead, I found a pattern here for how to make a little bow! I thought it was the perfect addition, and it was very simple to make. Here are some pictures of the finished product:






In the end, they turned out really well. I am happy with them and they are the perfect project to whip up quickly for a gift for a friend!

The bow would look cute attached to some barrettes or clips for any special little girls as well.


Crocheted flower headband

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is short, as it was a short project. I decided last night I would crochet a headband, but I wanted it to be a quick project to complete (one reason why I chose crochet). I found the pattern on a blog, creativeyarn. It is  a very basic headband that involves lots of “chain” stitches, then the optional rather large flower. I liked the look of the flower, but if you’re looking for simplicity, the pattern works either way. It looks very nice without the flower, as well. Here are some pictures:

IMG_20130506_155629 IMG_20130506_155643 IMG_20130506_155817


As you can see, the flower on my head is rather large. I find this amusing, since I always think of my head as being rather large too 🙂 But I still love it and have been wearing it since I made it (except for when sleeping, of course).

A very simple pattern that could be easily modified to your preferences! It also takes VERY little yarn!

Owl baby hat

Hi everyone,

I decided to make baby on the way a nice crocheted hat. And what’s cuter than a little baby owl hat?? Not much, that’s for sure. I found a pattern from cre8tion crochet here. When I saw it, I thought it was too cute not to try. Everything was pretty easy to understand, and the pattern is even available up until 5 years old (and you could likely do even larger, if you like). Since the little boy isn’t born yet (and taking into account how old he’ll be in certain colder Canadian months), I opted for the 3-6 month age range for the sizing. I think it’s pretty accurate, except I’d say it’d fit better maybe toward the 6 month range. It obviously depends on the size of his head, but we will see soon enough! Here is a preliminary photo of the hat part complete with the eye part (before being sewn together:

IMG_20130505_154804 (1)


It took me a while, but before I attached them I made pupils, sewed the pupils onto the eyes, then the eyes onto the hat. I then made the beak and attached it, then I began the braids. They took me a while, but once I finished the first one the second one wasn’t so difficult. Here are a few images of the final product:

IMG_20130505_172920IMG_20130505_172834 IMG_20130505_172827





I thought it turned out well. I used all cotton yarn (Bernat’s Handicrafters cotton) for the hat section. The top is a solid green, the bottom half was self-striping yarn with white, green and blue. Unfortunately the way I rolled the ball, it ended up mostly green from that ball too, but hey it still looks cool. Hope you enjoyed the owl hat!

Crocheted fish purse

Hey everyone! Today is going to be a relatively short post. I just wanted to show off the results of my recent (and first ever!) Mystery Crochet-a-Long with Moogly! For those new to the game (like I was, only a few days ago), it is a “mystery” because we weren’t entirely sure what we were crocheting until the final day. Moogly posted parts of the pattern each day for 3 days, and we had to wait until we were finished to discover what we were actually making. It was a lot of fun and I for sure hope they do another one soon! 🙂

Here is the Day 1 result:


As you can tell from this image, it really could have been anything at this point!! I was curious and anxious to know what I was making. For those of you who know me, you know I have a hard time waiting for anything!

Day 2’s creation looked like this:


At this point, I was very confused yet intrigued. What could it be? I had thought something to do with a fish at some point, or tea cosy, or purse. I guess a combination of those theories were true.

And the final product!


It turned out really well, and very cute! Moogly provided excellent and easy to follow instructions, resulting in little room for error (which is fantastic when there are no pictures to guide you). If anyone who finds this post is a crocheter, I highly recommend checking out their site for other great patterns!!

Find out details on my Ravelry page.