Crocheted Cardigan

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted, but that’s because I was working on something a little more complicated (in theory) than usual. I’ve never attempted a cardigan or sweater or anything wearable by 1/2 of your body, so this was new to me. It was a pretty simple pattern as far as cardigans go, I assume. I took it from a Loops & Threads pattern book I purchased a couple years ago but never used before. If you are interested in the pattern, more information can be found on Ravelry. The yarn I used was, for once, the recommended yarn for the pattern: Loops & Threads Impeccable, worsted weight, in yellow, violet and white. That’s what happens when Michael’s has a sale on all Impeccable yarn for only $2.99 each! (I was just as excited to find yarn that cheap as I was to find this book again and be able to make this cardigan). But that’s enough about that. Here is a picture of the pieces made, before being sewn together:


After everything was crocheted, the pattern said to pin it into shape and place damp towels over it and allow the towels to dry. This didn’t make much sense to me, but I tried it anyway.


After a few hours, I realized this method (at least for me) was not doing anything. So, I threw the wet towels in the dryer, wet the garment pieces, and this is what I actually did to block the pattern:


It worked out better. Once everything was dry, I then attempted for the first time to seam the garment pieces together. This was challenging if only for the facts that it was my first time, and I kept twisting the arms thinking they were supposed to attach another way. But, I think I did a decent job. Here is a close up of the finished seaming:


Once that was done, I had to create the edging to finish the project and have an area for the buttons to attach. That was pretty easy and straight forward, and I think added a nice finished touch. I realized, however, that I have a relatively lengthy torso, and the cardigan was too short for me. So in an effort to lengthen it, I added a couple rows of double crochet to the sides and back. Here is the finished product:


And me wearing it:


And because I found these buttons at Fabricland for about 50 cents BEFORE I came up with the colour scheme and I just think they are super cool, here’s a button close-up:


Overall, it’s not perfect however considering it was my first cardigan (and really the first pattern I attempted at the “Intermediate” level of crocheting…), it turned out really well! I am very happy with the results and I hope you enjoyed this post!

You can view details about the pattern on my Ravelry page.


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