It’s a Dragon!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while, and I finished this guy a couple days ago. He turned out pretty cute! I realize after crocheting a little bit of it that I really should have used a smaller hook to avoid the gaps, however the pattern I was using didn’t specify size of hook or weight of yarn used, so I guessed (incorrectly, it seems). Now I just say that it’s a speckled dragon! 😉 Here are some overall pictures:

IMG_2440 IMG_2442 IMG_2460


I added a couple of changes, as well. I inserted some wire into the wings, so that they are bendable. It works  really well and looks pretty cool! I also did my own eyes–the pattern called for buttons but call me old fashioned, I don’t like the idea of buttons on toys for small infants. Although, this dragon is probably the SIZE of a small infant. I guess he’ll  have a cuddle buddy, if his mother doesn’t keep it for herself.

A short post today, but this is the latest thing I had been working on.


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