Getting My Blogging Act Together, One Project at a Time

Hello blogging world. I made an attempt to blog years ago, and it never really stuck. This may be because I never really had a subject to blog about! I decided instead of flooding my Facebook page with knitting/crocheting projects, I would instead blog about them.

The first project I am going to blog about is a cute little owl toy I made for the next little baby in the family. I didn’t create this pattern. Instead, I found the pattern here: Obviously (obvious only if you scroll down to the pictures at this point…) I did not use black, as the pattern suggests. Here are all the pieces waiting to be sewn together: IMG_2372


You have your little owl body (instead of batting, I stuffed him with cut up socks who lost their partners in the laundry), two crocheted eyes (I opted for this instead of the felt directions), a beak and two knit wings (as per the pattern). If any visitors have found this blog via a search engine, let me know if you’d like to know how to crochet the eyes or beak. Both are very simple, easy and quick to finish.

The finished product is here!



I love the colours in this yarn. Hopefully the baby will enjoy it!

Next project: I have a lot of ideas for my next project, however I am thinking it will likely be a mini purse/clutch for those fancier outings. Stay tuned!



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